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The Case for Engagement with Asia

On 29 September, 2017 in Sydney, Shadow Treasurer The Hon Chris Bowen MP delivered a major address to Asia Society Australia in which he made a comprehensive case for re-energising and upgrading Australia's engagement with Asia.


The joys and benefits of bilingualism

More than half the world’s population is now bilingual. Now thought to encourage flexibility of mind and empathy, bilingualism is also transforming societies.


From Robe to Chinese Fortunes

An exhibition from the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, Chinese Fortunes explores the motivation, spirit, hardships and legacies of the Chinese miners through a historical timeline of key events, storytelling, artefacts and objects.

The exhibition will shine a light on the little known aspects of the Chinese diaspora during the high colonial period, providing a fresh view of the Chinese as pioneers and trailblazers of the Australian goldfields.


NGV Triennial

Free and exclusive to Melbourne, the NGV Triennial will showcase major works by more than 100 artists and designers from 32 countries across all four levels of NGV International.


Sakura Picnic Day at Banksia Park

This community event will showcase Japanese cultural performances, traditional tea ceremony, martial arts demonstrations, activities for children and facilitated nature play activities amongst a mature cherry tree grove donated to Victoria by the Government of Japan.

Date: Sunday 15 October

Time: 11:00am ~ 2:00pm

Cost: Entry by gold coin donation

Bring along your picnic and enjoy the day under the beautiful blossom.


Languages don’t all have the same number of terms for colors – scientists ask why?

People with standard vision can see millions of distinct colors. But human language categorizes these into a small set of words. In an industrialized culture, most people get by with 11 color words: black, white, red, green, yellow, blue, brown, orange, pink, purple and gray. That’s what we have in American English.


Why students are turning away from learning foreign languages

Foreign language learning in Australia is in serious decline, as we are well into the second decade of the so-called Asian Century.

About 40 per cent of students studied a foreign language in the 1960s. That number is now closer to 10 per cent, including students who are native speakers of a language other than English.


BEFA's 3rd Multicultural Kitchen

BEFA is hosting our third Multicultural Kitchen on Saturday, 2 Sept 2017.  Join us for some delicious food from around the world and make some new friends.  All are welcome.  Please bring a plate or donate.  There will be activities for the children.  For more info, please contact Stella at

Saturday, 2 Sept 2017
12 - 2 pm
Birralee Primary School Hall
Heyington Ave, Doncaster


SBS National Languages Competition

What is the SBS National Languages Competition?

The SBS National Languages Competition 2017 is an exciting initiative to encourage and celebrate a love of learning languages in Australia. It’s a nationwide competition to engage school children and reflect on the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity of Australia's multicultural society.


Mirror of the world: books and ideas

Discover stunning artwork alongside powerful words in this visual feast for book-lovers.

Recent acquisitions and new stories are featured each year in this special exhibition, revealing different aspects of the Library’s Rare Books collection, and showcasing rare and significant works that trace the history of book design from medieval manuscripts to comics.

From 7 October 2016, the exhibition features 281 new items on display, dating from 2050 BC to the present day.



Koolin ngargee. Celebrate Aboriginal culture and language during NAIDOC week on the ancestral lands of the Koolin people at Melbourne Gardens.

Royal Botanic Gardens
Alexandra Avenue
Melbourne VIC 3004
Meet at the Visitor Centre


The beautiful languages of the people who talk like birds

Their unusual whistled speech may reveal what humanity’s first words sounded like.

If you are ever lucky enough to visit the foothills of the Himalayas, you may hear a remarkable duet ringing through the forest. To the untrained ear, it might sound like musicians warming up a strange instrument. In reality, the enchanting melody is the sound of two lovers talking in a secret, whistled language.


Melbourne Knowledge Week

'Know. Now. Next.' is the theme of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017. Building on what we know, acting now, and preparing for the future.

The best thinkers in Melbourne and from around the world are coming together to lead conversations to shape the way our city evolves.

Dates and times
01/05/2017 to 07/05/2017

State Library of Victoria
328 Swanston Street



AAA 60th Anniversary Dinner

Celebrating 60 Years of Friendship

The President and Committee of the Australian Asian Association of Victoria, cordially invites you to join us at our Gala Dinner - a special evening of good fellowship, great food and vibrant cultural performances to commemorate our 60th Anniversary.


Why learning Chinese should be compulsory in Australian schools

While we all wait with bated breath to see how Asia responds to the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House, some introspection about how well Australia is prepared to fully engage in the Asian Century would be prudent.


Victoria's Multicultural Festival

Victoria’s Multicultural Festival is a showcase of the many cultures that make Victoria so vibrant and such an amazing place to live. Come along for a sumptuous array of international cuisine, art, craft, music, dance, film, kid’s activities, roving performances and more! The celebrations start at midday and include two new additions to the exciting program:  the VMC Film Festival which will explore multiculturalism through the lens of the next generation; and the Culture Waves concert from 7-10pm  featuring some of the hottest headline multicultural acts.