Current State of Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese & Korean Language Education in Australian Schools

    On 25 May 2010, the Prime Minister released three reports and an overarching report to investigate the current state of Japanese, Indonesian and Korean language education in Australian Schools. The set of reports complements the Chinese Language Education in Australian Schools report (October 2008) published by the University of Melbourne.

    The reports provide valuable baseline data and evidence to inform future national strategies and initiatives aimed at increasing the number of students studying these languages, particularly at the senior secondary level. Analysing each language';s current status, the reports make recommendations for future work which focus attention on six key areas across all languages. These areas include: key groups, programs, teachers, resources, curriculum and learners.

    A summary statement, the overarching report and the three language reports are available below.

    Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations | May 2010 | Read More

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