Project Extend @ Birralee

Announcement made by Mr Ashley Ryan, Principal of Birralee Primary School.  Republished from the school's newsletter with permission.


Much has been written about the benefits of learning another language. One only has to do an internet search on the subject to understand the enormous benefits that accrue from having a second language other than one’s own. It is one of my life regrets that I don’t speak another language fluently; however I will be doing my very best to pick up conversational Mandarin to join in with students at Birralee.

In conjunction with BEFA (Bilingual Education Foundation Australia) we will be introducing a Mandarin extension class after school hours, most likely on a Tuesday, from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. The program is open for any interested student at Birralee to learn Mandarin in a fun environment. The cost will be $50 per term. Only 20 places are available – we hope that the program really takes off so that more students can benefit. Register your interest with Stella Wong at

Ashley Ryan
20th November 2014

Project Extend's very first class - 9th February 2015

Prep students learning their names in pinyin.

Learning about Chinese New Year - Year of the Goat 2015

Trying out Chinese calligraphy - "春" for Spring Festival.

Busy making "红包" or red envelopes.

Project Extend offers Companion Course for parents

Starting Term 2, 2015, Project Extend is offering a weekly conversational Mandarin class for interested parents.  BEFA is pleased to help facilitate lifelong learning, and to support parental engagement in their child's language learning.

Term 2, 2015

Learning how to introduce family members.

Celebrating "端?节" - Dragon Boat Festival (June 20, 2015) with a Dragon Boat Race.

Grade Ones making Dragon Boats, and in the background, Prep parents helping out with their children's activitiy.

Term 3 2015

Learning about food and how to use chopsticks.

Almost there.

Yay! I did it!

Me too!

Sitting beautifully in order to get the password to the ‘棒棒糖’- lollipop!