Testimonials for Project Extend

Having competency in a language other than one's own native language is a wonderful asset to take throughout life.  It is now well known that the benefits of learning an additional language are myriad.

I was thrilled when Stella Yee, several years ago, first contacted me to run the idea of an after-school language class.  Shortly afterwards, with my full support, we introduced Project Extend to Birralee.  What a fabulous opportunity it has been for our students to avail themselves of after-school tuition in a fun-filled environment, where learning is a delight!

The parents love the program as it gives students the opportunity to develop their conversational skills in Mandarin.  It certainly keeps me on my toes trying to keep up with the students in conversation!  The students, who are learning in a relaxed and enjoyable environment from friendly and experienced teachers, are progressing in leaps and bounds with their conversational Mandarin.

The program was so successful after its first year that additional classes have been offered.  I heartily recommend Project Extend - it is a very successful and well-liked program at Birralee Primary School.

Ashley Ryan

Both of my primary school aged children have been enrolled in the Mandarin Extension classes since they commenced school.  I am a passionate believer in the benefit of language study not only for children’s development intellectually and socially, but also for their future place in our global society.  The Mandarin Extension classes have been student centred, creative, engaging and related to real life events (e.g. Birthday songs, creating boats for boat races, Chinese New Year activities).  My children have developed respect and a better understanding of the multicultural nature of this country as well as learning one of the most powerful languages in the world.  Thank you Stella and your team for your commitment and tireless dedication to keeping this program going.

Dr Amanda Gutierrez

Both of my children attend Project Extend and enjoy the fun approach to learning Mandarin.  The use of games and themes each term help to reinforce new words and keeps them interested. Our family does not speak Mandarin at home, so without Project Extend my children would not have much opportunity to practise and extend the Mandarin they are learning in school.

Dr Heather Pyle